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The K-7 Advantage

Well-designed products

Offering the mining industry the very best, regardless of the types of drill cores to be stored and transported, is what motivates us.

Our wooden and plastic core boxes have several advanced features for optimal core storage.

  • Optimized storage space
  • Superior core protection
  • Drill water drainage
  • Durability
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Safe handling

Your best allies: our availability and our quality, versatile products!

Boîte de bois

Boîte de bois

A mining industry partner

K-7 Core box, a mining product distribution company, was founded by Yann and Karel Cossette in 2009. We are the exclusive distributors of products manufactured by Forex inc., also a Cossette family-owned company.

  • Karel Cossette

    Co-founder and General Manager
  • Yann Cossette

    Co-founder and Operations Manager

Our Philosophy

We provide you with the best products on a timely basis in order to meet your most stringent requirements in terms of durability and efficiency. Our superior production capacity, product quality and speed set us apart from the rest.

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