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Our Services

Flexible Services

K-7's unique services facilitate your drilling operations. Not only do we manufacture the best core boxes, but we also provide services designed to meet mining industry requirements.

Fixed-price pre-order service

Reserve your boxes at a fixed price for a set period of time, payable only upon delivery. Your boxes will be manufactured as you need them, at a price that is established when you pre-order.

Avoid market fluctuations!

Inventory support in our warehouses

Safely store your unused core boxes at our facilities and do away with storage problems! Your boxes or containers, labelled with your company name, will be waiting for you in our 20,000-square-foot warehouses, protected from the elements.

Control your costs more effectively!

Delivery right to your drill sites

No matter where you are drilling, K-7 delivers your boxes where and when you need them around the world.

Get what you need!